"Darlene is our Fairy Dog Mother. We had worked with several other trainers and still had issues with our two labs. I highly recommend her. She truly understands dog behavior, and is exceptionally skilled at training both dogs and their humans."                                                                                                          - Trish F.

No matter who you ask (including Google), you'll get a different opinion every time on how to train your dog.  What works and what doesn't work, what's "proven by science" or has become the latest fad.  A lot of this contradicting information is extremely confusing and can be difficult to grasp (let alone stick to!).

We're here to put "easy" back into training your dog, no matter what the issue.  Our goal is to make things simple for you to understand, and at the same time, making it enjoyable to work with your dog.

Darlene Schaper, Head Trainer and Owner










I'm Darlene, owner and head trainer at Artemis Dog Training.



Our mission is to be the last trainer your dog will ever need.


Artemis Dog Training is the solution to all of your dog's issues.  Whether your dog is the terror of the neighborhood, you'd like to enjoy an off-leash lifestyle with your dog, or eliminate problem behaviors once and for all, then you are in the right place

If you have been to other dog trainers but are still feeling lost and unsatisfied with the results, those that have worked with us can tell you that we get results. 




"The results were amazing.  Sassy is more obedient and attentive to me and my commands,  It’s really amazing with the proper training how quickly dogs respond to the commands.  I recommend Darlene to anyone wanting a more obedient dog, I was really impressed with her ability to not just train my dog but to teach me how to continue to train my dog"

                                                                                                                                                     LAURI D. NASHVILLE, TN

We're experienced in canine behavior modification, obedience training, and aggression issues. If you've worked with other trainers and are still struggling and unhappy with the results, you would be among many of our clients!

We use a simple, easy to follow program, tailored to what's most important to you. Our methods build your relationship with your dog and increase the communication between the two of you. We work on building your confidence with your dog. Communicating to your dog that he can look to you in all situations, and not have to fend for himself. This creates a calm dog that won't react to things that happen outside the home.



"I adopted Kip from a local rescue. He had been so neglected for a long time that he did not know how to interact with other dogs or how to walk on a leash properly. He kept lunging towards everyone and every dog on our walks.  I can't imagine what Kip would have been like without Artemis Dog Training. Darlene helped transform Kip into a better dog and I can't thank her enough.                                    -Tina L.

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