Making You a Rock Star Dog Owner!

Life’s too short to struggle with your dog.

Not knowing how to communicate with your dog is no fun.

You can have the relationship you dreamed of!


You were not born knowing how to train a dog.

It’s okay, you are a human, and probably a very smart one, since you are researching how to have a better life with your dog.

We have the education, experience, and years of training thousands of people and dogs to understand what you are going through and how to help you.

We care, and we know YOU CAN DO IT!

  • You will work one on one with our behaviorist Darlene Schaper and our staff of caring and knowledgeable trainers.

  • You will study from the comfort of your home, on your own time, from our online learning portal. This includes literature and videos to inspire and educate you to be the leader of your dog.

  • We have many years of experience with really tough dogs, and have a long list of happy clients.


“Our Dog was a 4 lb terror before Darlene! We love her, but her constant barking and crazy behavior when we had guests over was driving us nuts. We needed help, but she's like a child to us so, we were concerned about how to train her. Darlene was very good at calming our fears and explained everything in a way we could understand. Now, when friend's come to visit they can’t believe she same dog!” - Sandy W. Dallas


How do I get Started?

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Yes! This can be you with your dog. -Watch now -

You deserve to be happy and relaxed with your dog in all situations  


  Small and Personal, Family Owned and Operated.

No Corporations Here!

 Count on our, experience, love, and understanding

(and a bit of the science behind dogs behavior)!

Our relationship with Wishbone is phenomenal now. We viewed this training opportunity as the last gasp. We we didn’t know what to do, we just could not handle interacting with him. He is literally a part of the family unit now. We can keep him inside with us or outside with us. It’s made it really fun for him to be around our family and you can tell he loves being a part of our family. The kids enjoy taking him outside and playing with him now and we are so thankful! “ - Michelle P., Farmers Branch, TX


   We are a top rated training program in Dallas.

We offer life changing results for people who have behavioral problems with their dogs.

Our highest reviews have come to us for turning unmanageable young pups into attentive, canine good citizens, that will make you a proud owner.

Brody when he first came to us

This was filmed about day 12 before he went home. Muzzle is off, he's relaxed enough to lay down and follow sit command. Face is more happy and confident, paying attention to me and not barking or lunging anymore.

We are long time members Treating dogs    * ETHICALLY    * FEAR FREE    * We teach TRUST and LEADERSHIP!

We are long time members Treating dogs



* We teach TRUST and LEADERSHIP!


“We took Rudy to the vet today to start his heart worm treatment and (without even telling the vet about his training) she reported that before they had done any sedation, Rudy seemed pretty calm and didn't growl at all when they took blood and then they took him on a walk and said he had much more confidence compared to other times that he's come in. I told them about the training and the vet said she could definitely tell!” - Lee S. Dallas, Tx

This is Darlene, owner and head trainer at Artemis Dog Training.    We also have 3 other wonderful trainers on staff that Darlene has personally trained.    We all work together to help you get the best results.

This is Darlene, owner and head trainer at Artemis Dog Training.

We also have 3 other wonderful trainers on staff that Darlene has personally trained.

We all work together to help you get the best results.

Artemis Dog Training is the solution to all of your dog's issues.  Whether your dog is the terror of the neighborhood, you'd like to enjoy an off-leash lifestyle with your dog, or eliminate problem behaviors once and for all, then you are in the right place!

Artemis loves all dogs

 "I adopted Kip from a local rescue. He had been so neglected for a long time that he did not know how to interact with other dogs or how to walk on a leash properly. He kept lunging towards everyone and every dog on our walks.  I can't imagine what Kip would have been like without Artemis Dog Training. Darlene helped transform Kip into a better dog and I can't thank her enough.”                                    -Tina L.


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“We chose Artemis dog training because of the reviews and their mission statement, they addressed the issues that Bob was having. Ken and I watched videos of Darlene’s training style and believed it would be best for Bob, he needed gentle guidance and a stern hand. Ken and I decided that a women would best suit what we were looking for in a trainer. W

e gained the confidence to give Bob a great life with our family!! Thank you Artemis for showing us the way!” “ Ken & Teresa Reamy


We have experience in:

  • Behavior modification

  • Obedience training

  • Aggression issues

  • Fear and anxiety issues.

Even if you've worked with other trainers and are still struggling; we can turn that around and make it happen for you!



We use a simple, easy to follow program, tailored to what's most important to you. 

What's simple?

  1. We show you how to properly communicate with your dog. Work on building your confidence with your dog


     2. We teach you to build a relationship with your dog so that he can look to you in all situations, and not have to fend for himself. This creates a calm dog that won't react to things that happen outside the home.



"The results were amazing.  Sassy is more obedient and attentive to me and my commands,  It’s really amazing with the proper training how quickly dogs respond to the commands.  I recommend Darlene to anyone wanting a more obedient dog, I was really impressed with her ability to not just train my dog but to teach me how to continue to train my dog"

                                                                                                                                    LAURI D. NASHVILLE, TN


Serving: Dallas, Plano, Allen, Frisco, Lucas, Parker, Garland, Rockwall and More!