Dallas Area Dog Training and Boarding


Welcome! I'm Darlene, owner and head trainer at Artemis Dog Training. Our mission is to be the last trainer your dog will ever need. Located just 10 minutes east of Plano, Texas, we're dedicated to lifelong aftercare, so you don't ever have to feel alone.

We're experienced in canine behavior modification, obedience training, and aggression issues. If you've worked with other trainers and are still struggling and unhappy with the results, you would be among most of our clients!

We use a simple, easy to follow program, tailored to what's most important to you. Our methods build your relationship with your dog and increase the communication between the two of you. We work on building your confidence with your dog. Communicating to your dog that he can look to you in all situations, and not have to fend for himself. This creates a calm dog that won't react to things that happen outside the home.