Artemis Dog Training

Understanding Our Tools,

Canine Training Methods

and Program Philosophy

Our goal is to build the kind of relationship between you and your dog that you've always dreamed of. A relationship centered on trust, confidence, leadership, and communication. Dogs see the world in a very black and white, life or death way. For example, they can have difficulty discerning if the person approaching them while on a walk is safe or poses a threat to him or you. When your dog has confidence that you are the leader and you are in control of every situation, their anxiety disappears, and you'll see an entirely new personality shine through.

Come When Called

Fusion style of training

We use a "fusion" style of training that blends positive reinforcement with a variety of tools (see below) to ensure that your dog understands who is her leader. We take your dog into real world situations and show you how to have a dog that is non-reactive and confident, with reduced anxiety.  We offer Individual Training in your home and at our facility, Board and Train Programs, and Distance Learning.

Artemis Dog Training

customized to meet your specific needs

We want to focus on the issues that are most important to you. Does your dog pull you down the street during a walk? Does she bark incessantly at other dogs or passers by? Does she destroy your house due to anxiety while you're gone? We can help. We take your dog's breed into consideration as well.  Training a Pit Bull is different than training a Poodle. Was the dog bred to hunt, pull, fight, guard? Do they have a strong prey drive? Other factors include temperament, age, environment, sensitivity level, and behavior training history.


Tools used to ensure long term success

Depending on which program you select, we will train your dog using either a Herm Sprenger Prong Collar, a Remote E-Collar, or both.

A properly used prong collar communicates with dogs in a natural way that they understand. Prong collars simulate the pressure a mother dog would use to correct and control her puppies as she cared for them in the den. As they grew up and became mischievous with her and other puppies or started wandering off she would correct them on the neck.

We can train you, your spouse or partner, and even your younger children a proven technique that will allow you to walk your dog peacefully down the sidewalk rather than frustrating you with constant pulling, panting, coughing, and eliminating on every bush.

The E-Collar is an amazingly simple device that gives dog owners a safe and reliable way to control their dogs off leash. Dogs are intelligent animals with a natural tendency to please their masters. They are also easily distracted by things around them. It can be next to impossible to get their attention if they are distracted by children playing, another dog or squirrel or rabbit running through the yard, or a car going by. They also quickly learn that if they are out of immediate reach, they don't have to respond as well as when you are close. This is why the remote training collar is such an effective training device. These are not "shock collars". We will demonstrate to you before training begins that a low level "correction" can be effective on a dog, yet a human literally cannot feel the same stimulation.


Our Husky mix, Balto, attended Darlene’s Board and Train Program in December of 2016. I now feel I have the tools I need to continue training and be the confident leader my strong-willed dog needs.
— Michael P., owner of Balto