Our Programs give you the skills and tools to feel confident handling

unwanted behaviors:

  • Dog-to-Dog Aggression

  • Aggression Towards Humans

  • Food and/or Resource Guarding

  • Separation Anxiety and Severe Fear Issues

  • Reactive On-Leash

  • Rushing out open doors

  • Excitability - jumping on you or guests




Two Week Immersion - at Our Facility

(Go take a vacation we’ll train your dog, you deserve it)

We know what life demands of your time; let us do the repetitive work for you!


  • We do all the hard work to communicate with your dog, teaching them new commands and behaviors, using a variety of innovative and effective tools and training. Monday through Friday 24 -7 with 3 trainers on staff for morning and evening work and play.

  • You receive 2 video updates a week of your dog’s training sessions and her progress during the board and train.


  • You will be learning through our learning portal, remotely, in the comfort of your home, and your time frame (or on the beach with your ipad). With our unique style of information and instructional videos we make it easy for you!

  • Go home day: you will pick up your dog and have a 2 hour practice time with the trainer to teach you what your dog now knows!

  • A schedule to follow, will go home with you, for practice with your dog. This helps you have continued success back home. We are also checking up on you with phone and email support whenever you need it.

  • After Care: schedule a follow up when ever you need it.

  • Your success is our success!

    We want you to feel you can contact us to always help coach you through any issues you are having for the lifetime of your dog.

Included In the price:

Remote Mini Educator E-Collar, Herm Sprenger training collar, short loop lead, and 15 ft long recall lead.

 We send video updates of your dog training with us to your inbox so you can still feel involved even though your dog is staying with us.


"We have a completely different dog after training with Darlene. We couldn’t control Dunkin’s crazy behavior to the point we couldn’t even have company over. Darlene taught us how to communicate with him effectively and get his attention. She literally gave us back our lives and gave us the knowledge and confidence to work with our dog successfully." Tomas G., Plano, TX


IN YOUR HOME - With some field trips to work on skills in public places


Seven Private Sessions

60-Minutes Sessions

Equipment needed for this course


Mini Educator E-Collar

Herm Sprenger Training Collar

Small training lead

15 ft. recall training leash

Individual Home Training Schedule

The Individual Training course is for dogs over 5 months old. It covers all the basics - sit, down, stay in place, recall, and loose leash walking. We also correct behavioral issues like, jumping up, aggression towards other animals or humans, reactivity, anxiety, excessive barking. Tools we use to help us communicate with dogs are the Herm Sprenger training collar (Prong Collar), and the Mini Educator E-collar for off-leash recall and off-leash walking. Plans using the E-collar and Herm Sprenger Training Collar include extensive owner operational training.  The owner should be prepared to do work outside the class setting to ensure continued results.

Additional Skills and Materials include:

  • State-of-the-Art low level E-collar training

  • Socialization with balanced dogs

  • Real world training scenarios

  • Home study guides

  • Instructional videos

  • phone/email support

  • 90 days to complete program from start date

  • Lifetime aftercare program

    Your success is our success!

    We want you to feel you can contact us to always help coach you through any issues you are having for the lifetime of your dog.




A Hands On Workshop With Our Trainers!!!

Distance Learning

Online courses and coaching combined with one hands on group class


1 - 2 hour group class at our facility

1 - Herm Sprenger training collar

1 - 15 ft. training lead

1 - short training


3 - 1 hour weekly group coaching sessions on Zoom call

This program was created for all the clients that want training but don’t have the time to attend weekly classes, deal with traffic, find a babysitter, or a long commute.

We cover: (except e -collar training)

  • Walk and pulling

  • Manners in the house

  • Lunging and jumping up on people

  • Excessive barking

  • Reacting to other dogs

  • Proper use of a bark collar

  • As well as the Sit, Down, and Place commands.

One, two hour group class at our facility gives you the hands on learning to go with your online courses for continued success. The owner should be prepared to do work outside the class setting to ensure continued results.

Supplemental Materials include:

  • Comprehensive training on proper fit,
    understanding, and use of the Prong Collar

  • Training schedule

  • Study guides

  • Instructional videos

  • Email communication and support

  • 3 - hour long Zoom group meeting for support and questions

  • 60 days to complete program from start date

Please contact us to discuss eligibility and get start dates

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Puppies may be enrolled in our Programs at 5 months old

"Darlene is our Fairy Dog Mother. We had worked with several other trainers and still had issues with our two labs. I couldn't be happier with the results she delivered. Even after training, she is available for consultation & coaching to help us through our challenges."

Trish Farris