My dog fights me while I am trying to groom him what can do?

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I tend to want to pick my battles on that one. When I have a dog testy in that way I let the groomer or the vet do most of the work. The groomer or vet has a different relationship with the dog than you do and can do some of the heavy

lifting,so to speak, for you.

 Before I start doing any grooming  I would get any energy he has out with running and playing with him, then some commands,so I'm setting up leadership.

  1.  put the dog in place,

  2.  start grooming

  3.  correct bad behavior pop the leash on the prong collar

  4. Say good for good behavior and end on the good behavior

The goal is to keep it short and sweet at first so he can see that good behavior gets what he wants (which is for you to stop grooming)

 Yes he does need to know that he's not allowed to growl or bite when he needs grooming. but timing can help and making sure you are in control and assertive, not frustrated, that will only add to the problem.

The more small times you do this will lead to better times overall.

Let me know if this helps. We can talk it through on the phone, or try something else. Every dog is different we just need to figure out what works!