Why does my dog do that? Peeing in the house, growling, chewing things up...

A dog can be an amazing addition to any family, providing the unconditional love and companionship you didn’t know you needed until now. Better yet, pets can improve your health in myriad ways, from reducing your risk of depression to improving your cardiovascular health. But, sometimes, your little sweetie does things that are not so charming.

For dogs who pee indoors, this behavior is often related to a lack of physical exercise or anxiety, both of which humans can help attenuate with the help of a vet or trainer. 

 It could be a sign that he’s not so happy about your behavior. If your pet is pooping wherever he pleases,  It could also be a sign your pet is fearful, so consider addressing your own behaviors, like yelling or slamming doors, that could make them scared. Is there a lot of stress in your house with other family members? Or are you modeling the kitchen? These are all things that can get your dog out of sorts and doing things he wouldn't normally do.

Growling can mean a lot of things good and bad. My Cooper low growls when I am scratching his back but I know he is growling for more. It can also mean your dogs had enough of what's ever going on or a chance they’re feeling threatened or upset and want to get some distance. However, this is often a sign of illness, as well, so if your pet is growling at you frequently, it’s time to call the vet.