How do I make Vet. visits less stressful for my dog?

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Question: How can I make the Vet visit less stressful? Everything about the veterinarian's office is stressful for a dog. Starting with the smell, new dogs in the waiting area, getting handled by unfamiliar people in invasive ways. The best way to help a dog who is fearful is familiarity. Ask the vet if they are open to practice visits
*Take your dog once a week for a while to the vet's office and just walk in the door and around the waiting area. Staying 5 min.
*Next visit have the office staff give treats. Pet if your dog is ok with it.
* Week 3 ask to go in an exam room with vets/vet tech. walking in and out.
You get the idea, it takes some time but will make vet visits more normal for your dog. Need help?